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Preserving, protecting, and promoting Montgomery County’s rich architectural heritage and historic landscapes.

B&O Station
B&O Station
Silver Spring Public Library
Zachariah Waters Cemetery Complete
Bowman, Upton House 2010 Trefethian

Current News

May is Preservation Month!

This year’s theme is “People Saving Places”
National Trust for Historic Preservation gives a high-five to all who do the great work of saving places and inspiring others to do the same.

May - June Calendar

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MPI & the Coronavirus Pandemic

Following protocols to keep our visitors and volunteers safe, MPI will remain temporarily closed in support of our nationwide effort to contain the pandemic. All public visits, in-person MPI programs, B&O Station rentals, open houses, and events are postponed until further notice.  

Until we can comfortably open again, MPI recommends that this winter you join your favorite local history and preservation nonprofits for virtual programs on a wide variety of topics in different formats – talks, podcasts, online exhibits, and more. Spring weather will bring more opportunities to take advantage of outdoor events, tours, and other local history experiences.

Meantime, visit  to find convenient links to local, Montgomery County, and Maryland groups. If you have a question or need to connect with an MPI representative, contact us at

2021  Montgomery County Awards for Historic Preservation 

     For the 34th year, MPI will recognize people and groups for projects that demonstrate excellence in preservation of historic structures or for heritage education.  New nominations were submitted recently, and the tried-and-true process has begun. MPI judges will soon be visiting sites, watching documentaries and websites, and preparing to make recommendations to the Board of Directors.  

     Before COVID, awards were celebrated at a historic site somewhere in Montgomery County, where public officials described the nominated work and why it warranted an award.  Awardees were presented with certificates in the company of an appreciative audience of friends, colleagues, and persons who had assisted with the preservation project.  For the past two years, when this could not be done in person, MPI volunteers mastered the art of film-making to produce a virtual awards program using personal statements, lots of good photographs, and appropriate music.  You can see photos of earlier years and the movies of 2019 and 2020 awards by clicking HERE.

     As the process moves forward this spring, MPI will decide whether awards can be celebrated in person or virtually this year.  Either way, superb preservation work in Montgomery County will be an enjoyable experience and an inspiration for others.

Orange daylilies sprout along W. Harris Road, a Rustic Road near Barnesville, Maryland. Montgomery County Planning Department

Historic Preservation in Montgomery County

Open House program

Open House Program

MPI Open House programs at the Silver Spring B&O Railroad station the first Saturday of each month from 10 am – 3 pm.

This is a drop-in program for families. Admission is free. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Due to the COVID pandemic, no upcoming events are currently available.


Silver Spring B&O Station

The historic train station is a beloved historic landmark and a community resource. After a disastrous car accident that severely damaged the station’s main facade in 1997, MPI rescued the station and, with assistance from private and public sources, restored it to its 1945 appearance. Today this museum of 20th century rail history regularly welcomes visitors, meetings, celebrations, and the general public.

The station is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is designated on the Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation, and is protected by an easement held by the Maryland Historical Trust. Visit the Silver Spring B&O Railroad Station tab for more detailed information about station history, open houses, and rentals.


Getting Started?

New to historic preservation or to how it works in Montgomery County? Visiting and learning about Montgomery County’s bountiful historic sites is a great way to start. Getting involved with any of the groups that share your interest in local historic places is the next step. Do you prefer Victorian homes, African American history, former schoolhouses, public buildings, Modernist architecture, rural cemeteries, or transportation history? Montgomery County has them all!

You can sample local history at Montgomery County Heritage Days. Check out individual groups and historic sites on the RESOURCES section of this website. And please return here to follow the (future) link to help you get started in Historic Preservation in Montgomery County!

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