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Preserving, protecting, and promoting Montgomery County’s rich architectural heritage and historic landscapes.

B&O Station
B&O Station
Silver Spring Public Library
Zachariah Waters Cemetery Complete
Bowman, Upton House 2010 Trefethian

Current News

Events Around Montgomery County

On March 23, 2018, in the magnificently restored National Park Seminary Ballroom in Forest Glen, more than a hundred people gathered to celebrate nine projects, people, and programs. The 2017 Awards Program was co-hosted by Save Our Seminary at Forest Glen and MPI. Honored were home owners, a blogger, a parks team, cemetery caretakers, a former HP supervisor, educational program series, and local heritage tourism efforts.


  • Restoration of a Historic Residence: Catalog House, High Street, Brookeville — Garrett and Beth Anderson removed inappropriate changes to return their home to its charming 1921 bungalow appearance.
  • Stewardship, Rehabilitation, and Documentation of a Historic Resource: Haiti Cemetery, Martins Lane, Rockville — Warren and Elaine Crutchfield formed an association and assembled resources to protect a community’s 150 year old burial ground.
  • Special Achievement Award: Photography, Historic Research, and Blogs: Allen C. Browne, Photographer and Scholar, whose Web and Blog sites engage visitors to Montgomery County history and landmarks.
  • Stewardship in Saving a Historic Resource: Market Street, Brookeville — Daniel and Kim Heyman conducted meticulous research and restored a 19th century gem that was nearly lost.
  • Restoration, Renovation, and Construction of a Historic House: Colonial House at National Park Seminary, Forest Glen — Eric Rosenberg and Lawrence Smith rejuvenated and enhanced the last sorority house after its quarter century of vacancy and neglect.
  • Rehabilitation of a Historic Resource for Public Use: Kensington Cabin, Kensington Parkway, Kensington — Montgomery Parks, M-NCPPC, returned this long-vacant 1930s CWA log cabin to recreational use in a park setting.
  • Outstanding Educational Program Series: “Emancipation to Integration: 150 Years of Advancement in Educational Equality” — Peerless Rockville Education Committee, multi-part series that commemorated the long struggle by African Americans for equality education in Montgomery County.
  • Wayne M. Goldstein Preservation Advocacy Award: Scott Whipple, former Supervisor of Historic Preservation Office, Montgomery Planning, M-NCPPC, whose leadership has a lasting impact on the County’s historic preservation office and commission.
  • The Montgomery Prize: Heritage Tourism Alliance of Montgomery County (Heritage Montgomery) under two creative executive directors, for exerting considerable influence on the quality, proliferation, and accessibility of heritage and history programs throughout Montgomery County.

2018 Maryland Burial Sites Legislation

In a session where major issues of gun control, school safety and funding, climate change and medical coverage captured the headlines, the General Assembly took time to protect Maryland’s history and sacred burial sites.  The effort required 2 bold sponsors, a core group of resolute advocates, 5 House and Senate committees, and hundreds of emails and phone calls to pass the first burial sites legislation since the 1990s.  The signature of Governor Hogan is still required.

While half of the changes proposed by the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites and allies did not survive in committees, the Coalition is happy to report that starting on June 1, 2018, descendants and caretakers will gain easier access, owners will be required to consult with the Maryland Historical Trust about conservation treatment, and counties and towns are now authorized to provide a property tax credit related to burial sites.

Appreciation goes to bill sponsors Delegate Tony Knotts of Prince George’s County and Senator Joan Carter Conway of Baltimore City, to the Maryland Association of Counties, David Zinner, Funeral Consumers Alliance, The War of 1812 Society in Maryland, and to all Marylanders who urged legislators to improve state law for the benefit of abandoned and neglected cemeteries.

The precise new wording in sections of the Annotated Code of Maryland will be posted on when those details are available.

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Documenting and Protecting Montgomery County Burial Sites

Two ground-breaking laws passed by a unanimous County Council and a huge initiative led by MPI are boosting odds for the survival of all local burial sites. In October 2017, the Council tasked the Montgomery County Planning Board with management of an inventory of cemeteries in our county.  The timing was perfect, as even before the effective date of February 9, 2018, MPI was prepared to begin the Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory Revisited project to document all known cemeteries here. Under the enthusiastic and steady hand of project coordinator Glenn Wallace, this initiative is right on schedule, with volunteers in the field as you read this.  Learn about this project on the Historic Cemeteries page of this website.

The second new County law is designed to protect burial sites during any subdivision and development process.  To be effective on July 1, 2018, a new full-time dedicated employee at Montgomery Planning must be included in the County’s FY19 Operating Budget.

Both of these laws will aid property owners, descendants, and advocates to identify all cemeteries in Montgomery County as well to enable their survival for the appreciation of current and future generations. MPI thanks the lead sponsors of these bills—Council members Berliner, Leventhal, and Rice—and all Council members who voted to protect local burial sites.

Advocates for local cemeteries can soon rest a bit easier because sites will be listed in an official inventory that covers the entire County, including municipalities with their own planning and zoning authority, and that all cemeteries will be protected during the subdivision and development process. This is a solid victory for all of our cemeteries — of whatever size and age, in neglected or good condition, of religious or family background, whether African American or White in origin, or whether currently in the news or quietly waiting in the background to be documented and rejuvenated.

Read more about  Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory Revisited project.

Review Bill 24-17 Land Use Information and SRA 17-01 Approval Procedures.
Land Use Information – Burial sites
Approval Procedures – Burial sites

More information will be added to this website as the project progresses.

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Historic Silver Spring Public Library Proposal Accepted

Historic Silver Spring Public Library proposal accepted

Neighbors and preservationists are thrilled that Montgomery County Government recently announced that the historic 1957 Silver Spring Public Library will be adaptively reused as the Martha B. Gudelsky Child Development Center Inc. with Centronia.
The winning Gudelsky proposal respects the integrity of the library, its intact rolling land, and the neighborhood.
See the project proposal here.
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Historic Preservation in Montgomery County


MPI Open Houses

The first Saturdays of the month 10 am to 3 pm

At the historic Silver Spring B&O Railroad Station, 8100 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Enjoy Riverdale Model Railroad Club’s urban HO scale modular train display. See if you can spot the life size “model” on the CSX track while train-spotting under the station canopy!

Always FREE

Join us for train-watching, fun, and appreciation!

Saturday, June 2

Open House 10 am – 3 pm

Saturday, July 7

No Open House Today!

Saturday, August 4

Open House 10 am – 3 pm

Handicap parking and some other spots are available around the train station. 
Plenty of parking in the lots and public garage just across Georgia Avenue near the corner of Sligo Avenue. 


Silver Spring B&O Station

The historic train station is a beloved historic landmark and a community resource. After a disastrous car accident that severely damaged the station’s main facade in 1997, MPI rescued the station and, with assistance from private and public sources, restored it to its 1945 appearance. Today this museum of 20th century rail history regularly welcomes visitors, meetings, celebrations, and the general public.

The station is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is designated on the Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation, and is protected by an easement held by the Maryland Historical Trust. Visit the Silver Spring B&O Railroad Station tab for more detailed information about station history, open houses, and rentals.


Getting Started?

New to historic preservation or to how it works in Montgomery County? Visiting and learning about Montgomery County’s bountiful historic sites is a great way to start. Getting involved with any of the groups that share your interest in local historic places is the next step. Do you prefer Victorian homes, African American history, former schoolhouses, public buildings, Modernist architecture, rural cemeteries, or transportation history? Montgomery County has them all!

You can sample local history at Montgomery County Heritage Days, this year on June 23 and 24. Check out individual groups and historic sites on the RESOURCES section of this website. And please return here to follow the (future) link to help you get started in Historic Preservation in Montgomery County!

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Even while this website is under construction, MPI wants you to have the latest news.  Our full website is coming soon, so please bear with its incompleteness for a while longer.
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