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On March 23, 2018, in the magnificently restored National Park Seminary Ballroom in Forest Glen, more than a hundred people gathered to celebrate nine projects, people, and programs.  This 30th annual program was co-hosted by Save Our Seminary at Forest Glen and MPI.  Honored were home owners, a blogger, a parks team, cemetery caretakers, a former HP supervisor, educational program series, and local heritage tourism efforts.

Congratulations to the winners of the
2017 Awards for Historic Preservation

Restoration of a Historic Residence Award

Catalog House, High Street, Brookeville — Garrett and Beth Anderson removed inappropriate changes to return their home to its charming 1921 bungalow appearance.

Haiti Cemetery Map

Stewardship, Rehabilitation, and Documentation of a Historic Resource Award

Haiti Cemetery, Martins Lane, Rockville — Warren and Elaine Crutchfield formed an association and assembled resources to protect a community’s 150 year old burial ground.

Special Achievement Award: Photography, Historic Research, and Blogs

Allen C. Browne, Photographer and Scholar, whose Web and Blog sites engage visitors to Montgomery County history and landmarks.

Stewardship in Saving a Historic Resource Award

Market Street, Brookeville — Daniel and Kim Heyman conducted meticulous research and restored a 19th century gem that was nearly lost.

Restoration, Renovation, and Construction of a Historic House Award

Colonial House at National Park Seminary, Forest Glen — Eric Rosenberg and Lawrence Smith rejuvenated and enhanced the last sorority house after its quarter century of vacancy and neglect.

Rehabilitation of a Historic Resource for Public Use Award

Kensington Cabin, Kensington Parkway, Kensington — Montgomery Parks, M-NCPPC, returned this long-vacant 1930s CWA log cabin to recreational use in a park setting.

Outstanding Educational Program Series Award

“Emancipation to Integration: 150 Years of Advancement in Educational Equality” — Peerless Rockville Education Committee, multi-part series that commemorated the long struggle by African Americans for equality education in Montgomery County.

Wayne M. Goldstein Preservation Advocacy Award

Scott Whipple, former Supervisor of Historic Preservation Office, Montgomery Planning, M-NCPPC, whose leadership has a lasting impact on the County’s historic preservation office and commission.

The Montgomery Prize

Heritage Tourism Alliance of Montgomery County  (Heritage Montgomery) under two creative executive directors, for exerting considerable influence on the quality, proliferation, and accessibility of heritage and history programs throughout Montgomery County.

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