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Trip Advisory (Updated May 26th): Tickets are SOLD OUT!

Photo Credit: Alex Mayes

Celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the railroad in Montgomery County with a train excursion on Monday, May 29. The train will leave from Silver Spring, make a total of 6 boarding stops, and continue to Frederick County. After a layover in Brunswick, it will return to disembark at the 6 stops, and end the day at Silver Spring.

Here is the train schedule, followed by Rules and Additional Information, plus parking information for each of the 6 boarding stops:

Excursion Train Schedule 

(S) stands for Stop,  (W) for horn salute     Schedule may change a bit as date nears   


Silver Spring


Garrett Park


Washington Grove  


Metropolitan Grove





Point of Rocks





Garrett Park


Silver Spring



11:10 am (S)

11:25 am (S)

11:40 am (S)

11:55 am (W)

12:00 pm (S)

12:13 pm (W)

12:19 pm (S)

12:30 pm (W)

12:36 pm (W)

12:41 pm (W)

12:50 pm (W)   

1:10 pm

4:00 pm

4:10 pm

4:17 pm

4:22 pm

4:27 pm

4:35 pm


11:00 am

11:20 am

11:30 am

11:50 am


12:10 pm


12:25 pm





3:30 pm

Handicap access: Stations with handicap access for boarding are: Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Point of Rocks, and Brunswick.  If you require a wheelchair space, after purchasing your ticket contact to reserve your space.  Do this prior to May 28, please.    For further information  MARC Station Information | Maryland Transit Administration

Rules and Additional Information: 

You may board at any of the 6 boarding stops listed in the schedule.  Plan to arrive at your station ready to board 15 minutes before train is scheduled to leave your stop.

Seating on the train is open; no reserved seats.  Half of the seats face forward, half backward.

Bring only what you can easily manage. At Brunswick, take all items with you for the two-hour layover.

In addition to the official MARC conductor and assistant, volunteer hosts will ride in each car.

EMTs will ride the train with us.

An Excursion Guide will be available for each passenger.

No bicycles allowed aboard.  Foldable strollers are okay.

Food and drink are permitted to be carried on the train.

No smoking, vaping, or alcohol allowed.

Media Release 

This event will be recorded by Montgomery Municipal Cable (MMC-TV), and some of the footage will be used in videos documenting the 150th Anniversary. These videos will appear on their cable channels, Youtube channel, and on their social media. By reserving your ticket/s you are agreeing to be recorded during the event and the footage may possibly be used for broadcast. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.  


PARKING and other information at Boarding Stations:

Silver Spring Train will board at the Silver Spring Metro Station on the MARC platform.  Address is 1170 Bonifant Street, Silver Spring.  All County parking garages are free on this holiday.  Allow time to get to the boarding site by 10:45 a.m.

Due to Purple line construction currently taking place at and around the Silver Spring Transit Center, we are providing the following advisory for those planning to board at this station:

For patrons arriving by car, the easiest parking would be at the public garage off of Dixon Ave. A portion of Bonifant St. approaching the garage from Georgia Ave. is closed so one needs to reach Dixon via Wayne Ave.

From the parking garage, walk to the Transit Center main entrance. At the Paul Sarbanes sign, bear slightly to your right to access the escalator, stairs, or elevator.

Go down one flight to level 2 (main level). You will then need to cross the bus driveway to reach the MARC platform. This is separate from the METRO platform. (Note: there is also an additional red brick walkway at the Sarbanes sign which if followed to the left along Ripley St, will take you to the East end of the MARC platform. This is a longer route but has no stairs or escalators).

If you are walking from Colesville Road, follow the entrance walkway to the escalators on the right. Go up one level and follow the sign to the MARC platform

Main Transit Center entrance from Dixon Ave. parking garage
MARC platform entrance after crossing busway on level 2
Colesville Rd. entrance
MARC entrance off of Ripley St.

Kensington Park on Metropolitan Ave and Howard Ave on either side of station and public parking around Kensington.
See  for all of the activities happening before, during, and after May 29. 

Garrett Park  There are 51 parking spaces and about 7 additional spaces behind the Penn Place.

Rockville  Board at the Metro/MARC station.  Metro lot is free on the holiday.

Gaithersburg  Free parking is available in the parking garage across from the station at 112 Olde Towne Ave.  The Gaithersburg Community Museum will be open from 11AM to 12:30PM. The Gaithersburg High School band and the Mayor of Gaithersburg, Jud Ashman, will be there to greet the train as it arrives.

Germantown   Before boarding time, station is open for coffee, tea, snacks to purchase. Historic Germantown Bank across the street is open with a Ban-Trak model train running and exhibits. Nearby free parking for 300+ cars.

In Brunswick  (2 hour layover to walk around and visit museum, restaurants, food trucks)
Depart Brunswick for trip south by 3:30 pm and return to de-board at each of the 6 boarding stops, ending at Silver Spring about 4:35 pm.

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