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Peerless Rockville and Bethesda Historical Society Celebrate Big Wins

Rockville’s Historic District Commission on Jan. 18 voted unanimously that the Art Deco Farmers Bank meets multiple criteria for historic designation.  MPI congratulates Peerless Rockville, a MPI Member Organization, for shepherding this process and recommending that the HDC move on to consider other Recent Past sites. Find out more at View MPI’s letter of support.

Art Deco Bank Rockville
Photograph by Peerless Rockville

The Bethesda Historical Society, a MPI Member Organization, formed the nonprofit Bethesda Meeting House Foundation to purchase and restore the “church that named Bethesda” for community use.  Read more about the sale, a brief history of the property, and how you can help at

Bethesda Meeting House
Photograph by Jenna Bloom, MOCO360
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