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The annual awards program, sponsored by Montgomery Preservation Inc., showcases the great work being done in the private, non-profit, and public sectors in Montgomery County. For 31 years, at MPI’s signature program, preservation advocates, elected officials, local historical groups, friends, and families have celebrated the accomplishments of dedicated property owners, creative non-profits, talent architects, and community activists.

We challenge you to look around your neighborhood for individuals and groups who should be recognized for their contributions to saving and enhancing Montgomery County’s architectural heritage and historic landscapes for future generations…. and to nominate them for an award.

Nominations for 2020 awards are due by October 30, 2020, and can be submitted at any time before the deadline.

Click here to download and mail in the 2020 Nomination Form

or scroll down to submit online

The 2020 awards will be celebrated on March 2021.



Each award is presented for outstanding achievement in the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of the architectural and landscape heritage of Montgomery County.  The MPI judges panel may determine the specific category of award.


A. The Montgomery Prize:

Is presented to an individual, organization, agency, or institution demonstrating continuous outstanding achievement in furthering the aims of historic preservation in Montgomery County.  The person or group should have at least five years of documented, continuous outstanding effort and achievement.  These achievements should be of high quality and demonstrate an effective use of resources, including volunteers, funds, and available talents. The nominee should also have demonstrated appropriate collaboration with community and government agencies.


B.  Restoration, Renovation, and Construction Awards:

Recognizes outstanding projects, completed within the previous five years, that exemplify excellence in design and execution.  Projects should demonstrate architectural compatibility and integrity, quality of new design, craftsmanship, and/or technical excellence.  Craftsmanship and technical excellence may include masonry repair, millwork, carpentry, and successful adaptation to other use (if appropriate).  Work should preserve the original character and ambiance of the structure, streetscape and/or neighborhood.  All projects subject to Historic Area Work Permit review shall have completed that process.

Examples of types of Awards:

1. Restoration/renovation of historic resource for residential, commercial, or public use                      

2. Renovation/restoration of an accessory building or functional unit that is part of a larger property (garage, barn, shed, garden structure, etc.) 

3. Renovation/restoration or establishment of an historic garden or landscape

4. Stewardship in the upkeep and maintenance of an historic resource

5. Addition to an historic resource

6. Compatible new construction within an historic district or area


C. Special Achievement Awards and Lifetime Achievement Awards:  

Recognize individuals or groups who have made a significant and substantial contribution to historic preservation through continuing excellence in a body of design or craftwork, on a specific educational project, or work. The nominee may or may not be a participant in a project nominated for a Construction, Renovation or Restoration Award.  An outstanding individual or group in local preservation will be evaluated for sustained contributions to community preservation.

Examples of types of Awards:

1. Outstanding Architect

2. Outstanding Artisan (mason, plasterer, carpenter, etc.)

3. Outstanding Construction Company

4. Outstanding Creator of an educational or media project

5. Outstanding Individual or Group – Local Preservation Effort

6. Lifetime Achievement


D.  Wayne Goldstein Award for Preservation Advocacy:

Special recognition for civic activism and advocacy in the sprit of Wayne Goldstein, former Montgomery Preservation president and Montgomery County civic activist.  The recipient is selected by the MPI Board of Directors. 


E. The Montgomery County Executive’s Award:

Selected by the County Executive from a project list submitted by the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission and its staff, which may include projects nominated by others.   



1. The completed form and accompanying documentation can be submitted on the form below.

2. Description of the project includes two broad explanations:  

     a) Significance of the project – refers to historical significance of the structure,

         challenges overcome, quality of design or construction, impact on the community.

     b) Description of the work — refers to work done which merits the award.  Be specific.  

   Examples: planning and research, choice of materials, selection of craftsmen.

3. List names and titles of persons significantly contributing to excellence of the project.

4. Submit supporting materials: Include photographs (5 to 10 photos only) in jpg format, architectural drawings, plans, or other materials that will help to evaluate the project. Submit an example of the educational project.  Materials will be returned if requested.

5. Work nominated must have been completed within the previous five years.

6. If the project is subject to the Historic Area Work Permit process, briefly describe the process and outcome.

7. Owners are encouraged to nominate their own quality projects and craftsmen who have provided excellence.

8. The nominee and/or owners may be contacted to arrange a site visit by MPI judges.

9. Submit completed form by either downloading the form and completing and mailing in, or by filling out the form below online and clicking the submit button.

All nominations and supporting materials must be submitted by Friday, October 30, 2020.

Awards will be presented in March of 2021.             

Submit Your Nomination Online



  • (Individual/Group)
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    (The nominator’s identity is not disclosed)
  • (Individual/Group)

    Not to exceed three pages using 12 point typeface, describe the project or achievement according to the directions and criteria described in the nomination form. Include any additional information that would help evaluate or understand the project or achievement. Nomination materials will be returned if requested.
  • Please upload pdf format only
    Accepted file types: pdf.

  • .jpg, .png, .pdf formats accepted.
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