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Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission

The HPC is responsible for evaluating sites and districts nominated for the Locational Atlas & Index of Historic Sites and/or for the Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation. Once a site or district is listed on the Master Plan for its architectural, historic, or cultural value, proposed changes are reviewed for their impact on the historic property through the Historic Area Work Permit process.

The HPC is ably staffed by professionals at Montgomery Planning, in the Historic Preservation Section, that is headed by Rebeccah Ballo.

The nine-member Commission meets on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings of each month for a public session.  Detailed information about the HPC, the HAWP process, and individual properties may be found at

Historic Designation in Montgomery County, Maryland

Architecturally or historically significant sites may be nominated for designation on Montgomery County’s Master Plan for Historic Preservation or for a city list. Historic designation adds certain protections and may make property owners eligible for 10 to 30% in financial incentives for approved qualified rehabilitation and maintenance projects at local and state levels. MPI has prepared a brochure explaining the designation process.

Download Brochure Here

To determine whether a site is designated on the Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation, visit

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